Gaya - Rascvel cvetok, a my v ssore
гая - расцвел цветок а мы в ссоре
Melodiya 7" С62-07555-56

I wanted to write story how I found this record, but do you really need to know it! I'll say just keep searching, best stuff can be always under your nose and actually under other collector's nose.
Gaya was from Azerbaijan, one mystical country in Caucasus with rich culture and language. They were probably most famous group from this country, released records already in 1960s. I have their 1974 album with some funky covers. Unfortunately I can't find much info about their EPs or later releases. This 7" is from 1977 and it was great surprise. Second side has folk songs from Azerbaijani and first one is great one with cool arrangements. Well, I think it's awesome slice of azerbaijani funk, also lovely local language. Great cover too, they really were proud of their new organ.