Mobile - Kvartett (J. Schaffer)

Mobile on ansambel, mis muutus natuke hiljem Muusik Seifiks või midagi taolist, sest samas ilmus see plaat, kui Musik-Seif oli üle Venemaa kuulus bänd. see on nende ainus vinüülplaat, singlile mahtus neli lugu, lindistatud 1978-1983. eesti muusika sõbrad leiavad siit varajase Anne Veski lauldud "Ootan sind" või ka vähe plaadistatud Ahti Nurmise, nt hiti "Troika". rare groove sõprasid ootab plaadi lõpus aga instrumentaal "Kvartett", mille autoriks on Janne Schaffer, tuntud rootsi kitarrist, nii nõutud stuudiomuusik kui ka mõned sooloplaadid välja andnud.
EDIT Tänu targemale lugejale sain teada, et originaallugu on "Dr Abraham", Janne Schafferi teiselt sooloalbumilt "Andra"

here's a little 7" single by Estonian group Mobile, it's their only record, released in 1984 and recorded 1978-1983. most musicians went to cooler groups, this record also features young future star Anne Veski and unrecognized talent Ahti Nurmis. most tracks here are cool only for hardcore Estonian music fans, but rare groove people will find here instrumental "Kvartett", which is credited to famous Swedish guitarist Janne Schaffer. this track was discovered by my mate Aku at Redhill Records, which is place to visit for Eastern European records in Helsinki, Finland.
PS Thanks to our reader we know that original version is "Dr Abraham" from Janne Schaffer's second LP "Andra".


veselõi roman

selle gruusia flexi ostsin ma suvel uuest plaadikauplusest Tallinnas, Raamatukoi filiaal Grammofon, põhimõtteliselt on nüüd üks tõeline kasutatud plaatide pood ka tallinnas olemas, kus on olemas haruldused, plaadid jaotatud teemade järgi ja asjatundjast müüja. enamik plaate on kohalikku päritolu, nii et huvitav värskele ida-euroopa muusika huvilisele. kauplus asub Voorimehe tänaval maja nr 9.
nii et kui ma äsja avatud poodi läksin teadis müüja, mis mind huvitab ja tõi kuskilt välja gruusia tähestikuga flexi plaadid. kahjuks jäid enamik kuskile ooperi ja estraadi vahepeale, kõige huvitam oli see filmimuusika plaat, mis samuti Tbilisi tehases valmis tehtud. muud ei oskagi öelda.

if you're lucky to visit Tallinn, there's now even more reasons to be happy - we have the real kind of second hand vinyl store in Old Town, Tallinn. address Voorimehe 9. some of you know that Raamatukoi used book store sold records before, now they opened new store only for collectibles and mainly records. they have everything - mostly Eastern European records, some expensive rares and some bargains, records divided by genres, a lot of classical, and knowledgeable seller. they are only missing new arrivals crate though. take a lot of money with and listen to interesting looking record - you might have nice score! or not.
bought this flexi this summer in same store; seller handed me pack of Melodiya flexis with Georgian letters - he knew what gets me excited. even though they looked funky and unreadable, they sounded more like hybrid of opera and pop. best flexi was this film music one, also from Tbilisi. nice jazz instrumental, other side has jazzy pop songs.

Raamatukoi Grammofon



C60 05753-54

after long hiatus i try to be more active for a while. also i have some exciting news to share with you soon.
now let's start with nicest jazz record i found about year ago. it started as usual - fellow record collector had been to that lonely record crate at street fair before me and pulled out cool-looking record. just month later i found excellent copy from reusing center, that's how karma works. i knew Goloshchekin, but didn't know this record. he was main figure in Leningrad jazz scene. in 1979 released LP where he plays alone up to 10 instruments, thankfully not at same time. it is nice breezy album, but sounds too polished. here's earlier LP with modern jazz and bossanovas, also some vocal jazz tracks, with lovely Elvira Trafova, if i'm not wrong, husband of David. i don't like english language evergreens, but this wordless vocal track is super, long track with all kinds of emotions, keeps interesting during all the track.
there's earlier LP with same orchestra, also 7", which i hope to hear one day.