I wonder why I haven't featured Modo records in my blog, even though it's one of my favorite Latvian group. I got their two EPs early in my Melodiya collecting history. At first they were led by Raimonds Pauls, they are also featured on R. Pauls "Naktsputni" LP, later they were led by Zigmars Liepins, another keyboard wizard from Latvia. Modo first EP should be known through blogs, it's good fusion single with two good tracks. Bonus is great picture sleeve, which features also someone shredding on organ.
My big favorite is Modo disco hit "Spele Vel", I know two local DJ's who have been rocking it for a while. There's scarce 7", but it's also on common Melodiya compilation "Igraj Eshhjo". Then there's single with blue cover, I haven't listened to it for a while, but I think it was pretty boring. So I had impression their later stuff isn't good, including that Modo 7" (C62-11841-2). And I totally ignored it at Riga's flea market this summer.
Recently I bought box of seven inch singles, because it contained infamous Disko orkestra 7" with cover of "For What It's Worth", known from expensive LP. This box had also great copy of Modo single. I was surprised to find 3 good disco tracks out of 4 songs. That's good. You get honest soviet disco "Stress" and slow burner "Romeo" by my fave Mirdza Zivere, and atmospheric cosmic funk "Kustiba", all full of strings, wonderful vocals and cool keyboards.
I have uploaded "Kustiba", best track on EP.