Gājēju Motīvs

"Mūzika Diskoklubos" is compilation of Latvian discoclub music. This LP has always confused me, there's another comp with same name, which isn't good really. Also this one has only two performers; while Eolika is pretty famous, and they have some tracks, which have been loved among cosmic balearic scene, their tracks on this LP are really poor. So it is easy to forget that other tracks are pretty strong instrumentals by unknown group - Vjačeslav Mitrohins' instrumental group. Actually he was guitarist of Modo, cool jazzrock group, he played on their good first 7".
This song "Gājēju Motīvs" is really interesting in the context of reggae-not-reggae scene. So have a listen.



Ватра - Як Я Спала На Сені

it is Ukrainian folk song. played by one of their most famous VIAs, Vatra. it's taken from their only LP, released first time in 1974.
all songs on LP are arrangements of local folk music. though there isn't many western influences, you can find some funkier parts from two songs. particularly i like this track with psychedelic jew harp breakdown. actually first track has also jew harp breakdown. also track "Ivana Kupala" has good groovy intro, but it's something for serious Melodija collector.

quick look through wikipedia told me that they were actually folk-jazz-rock group. even though it says on sleeve that tracks are arranged by B. Kudla, these are mostly arranged by previous leader M. Manuljak, who was repressed by officials for not making any cooperation with them.

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