mirdza zivere

It was first Melodiya record I bought as second hand, it was then I started buying old vinyl records consciously, looking for good tunes, funk, jazz, rock. It was around 9 years ago, I had found Soulstrut forum and Rehash guys were posting there, and from their website I heard Josephino first time, though they had only picture of label, not cover. Apparently I had no idea, where to find old records then, fortunately there was functioning record store from Soviet Time in Tallinn's Old Town, where you could actually buy some old Melodiya stock, still on the racks after ten years of publishing, I had bought there Mahavok LP (estonian synthpop) as new item, but they didn't have second hand records there before until some point. So I was first time digging for old records and found this Mirdza Zivere I had read about, it was good start for my long time passion. Unfortunately I didn't find Zalatnay Sarolta LPs as I had hoped :D I bought also LP by Estonian fusion group Kaseke. So these were my first finds. I didn't see Zivere LP for a long time here in Estonia, it's still quite obscure here, though it's easier to find it in Riga. It should be more popular, as one side is produced by Latvian superstar Raimonds Pauls and other by famous Latvian composer Zigmars Liepins.
Story of my first digging has also bitter part - as I stepped into store I saw guy walking away from cashier with Collage "Käokiri" under his arm, why must I cry (it was onlyt two years ago when I finally found copy for myself, actually I found two copies same day).

Mirdza Zivere tracks on Zigmars Liepins official site