Ялла - Пой, дутар, в руках джигита

i love this song. it will be never put to any funk or prog compilation of soviet music. if only some lunatic would do comp of perfect pop music from former ussr, it should be there. i'd put it next to my favorite estonian pop song "Sa haara kinni mu käest" by Music Seif. Yalla is interesting group from Uzbekistan, who wasn't afraid tp use their interesting ethnic background on their poprock songs. i suppose they made incredible music, but had to make compromises for recordings. They are known for album "Tri Kolodca" from 1982, which at first is unfortunately mainly in Russian (which paid for it, as they became very popular) and secondly even if it has some fantastic, perfect moments, like incredible intro of "Eto Lyubov" (It's Love), it doesn't have any good songs at all.
i was happy to buy Yalla single from local store recently, it was released in 1978, it has quite up-to-date sound for Uzbek/Soviet group for that time, thankfully it is better than LP. though here's also compulsory track by Tuhmanov and other songs are good, but not really something i would admit liking in public. so there's this one great song "Poj, dutar, v rukah dzhigita", nice new wave rock song with sitars or some other exciting instruments. i hope someone enjoys it!