anatoli korolev


Anatoli Korolev was russian pop singer, who had started singing in famous vocal group "Druzhba". In 1975 was released his solo album with VIA Vesjolye golosa. I had his single with same group from 1974, which had some nice instrumental background, even if poorly recorded, though vocals were bit boring, too professional. So few months back I found also LP, which shares some tracks with single, but has also some tracks, which have even better backings. Like track "Poyu o lyubvi" starts with nice fuzz guitar. I'll share with you song called "Mne ne nado zhalosti", with nice groovy band in the back and even if singer has too schooled voice, it is pleasant enough to like whole song.
Previous owner of my lp had put ranks behind all tracks, i have more records from same collection with those numbers. Obviously he had put worst mark to track I liked most!

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