Александр Зацепин "Узнай меня"
Татьяна Анциферова

well, looks like i have been on summer vacation. there's no excuse for not posting meanwhile, but indeed i have been busy and lazy: moving to new flat, enjoying summer, not enjoying summer, listening records and writing emails. anyway on first week of august i was on "work" trip to Baltic states looking for records. i found some great Melodiya jazz records and discovered myself few lithuanian groovy records. got rare Imants Kalnins ost 7" and found few spares for my friends. though the best find seems to be most usual, most innocent looking record, which i bought only because it was cheap and it had few familiar names on it.
record i'm speaking about is soundtrack to movie "Uznai menja". i haven't seen it, but its soundtrack is written by Zatsepin, famous russian film music composer. his music have been featured in many films during last decades and he have always used modern styles. i have heard minimal jazzfunk on "Sannikov Land", fuzzy psych on "Between Sky and Earth" and synthsoul on "June 31st". though there have been some boring music too, so it wasn't very safe to buy this unknown record. thankfully i was surprised when i heard first track. wonderful, atmospheric theme song with lovely vocals by Tatjana Antsiferova, with dance rhythms, maybe it is unknown cosmic classic. or whatever. Tatjana's name was another sign of quality, she appeared also on "June 31st" soundtrack. she seemed to be quite known singer, but always stayed in the background. for example she was singing in films, but she didn't appear on screen. Tatyana has cute voice, at least she doesn't try to be opera singer. Araks is group responsible for music on album. they released a lot of records, but none came close to this soundtrack. though there's some good earlier tracks, but i don't think they are available on vinyl.
you can see song in actual context in movie from this videoclip

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