jazz komfort

that's one curious single. for example, how many jazz singles is there. there isn't many on melodiya, though we have Kuman and Tammik singles. also it's interesting they were also pressed in Riga. and that group, who are they? i hope someone else will make better blog post.
i mean, first time i saw their name was on compilation "Keep on Playing" (check last post), they were backing Estonian singer Tõnis Mägi on nice disco song in Russian. what's more interesting that Estonian version "Peegel" is actually credited to Muusik Seif. so who actually made it? it is bit suspicious why jazz group is backing pop singer.
then you can see their name on 1st volume of Leningrad Jazz Festival 83 LP (C60 21537 000). and then there's this 7" single. all tracks are not originals, but have new arrangements. they are credited to some D. Sampl and R. Brown. more mysteries. anyway it's quite groovy single, even if there's not breaks or any other fancy stuff. nice electric piano, nice guitars. first side is slower groovy downtempo jazz. other side starts with so called ballad and second track is 2 minutes short groovy jazz funk. which you can hear here. other tracks will be hopefully available at soviet groove blog.

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zencd said...

Finally the other tracks are available at sovietgroove dot com. Thanks!

The author of two groove things is Joe Sample, I suppose.