DJ Scientist "Solid Soviet Steel Radio"


It's about time that I post this link to my blog too. As at the moment it has got almost 20000 listens, then let's make this number bigger.
My friend DJ Scientist put together amazing mix for legendary Solid Steel radioshow presented by Ninja Tune. This mix consists of Melodiya records, specifically only records by VIA groups. Every dedicated Melodiya collector and fan knows what it means. VIAs were just your typical pop or rock or beat groups, they usually had to record some dreadful tracks for workers and party, but sometimes officials weren't around and they managed to put one groovy/funky/fuzzy track into record.
DJ Scientist has managed to collect the best VIA records and put together great mix. It's really well-crafted, it never gets boring, it's not just show-offing your collection type mix, it really keeps interesting.
People, who usually question my Melodiya love, have commented on it positively.
So I hope for more mixes from you, but now we can enjoy this one.

you can read about background of mix from his facebook:

PS DJ Scientist is also distributing our Kuman collection. As it's sold out from label and in Estonia, it's probably best way to get it.
Also still available at Redhill records in Helsinki, and mail order from Juno, Dusty Groove and hhv.de

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