Gājēju Motīvs

"Mūzika Diskoklubos" is compilation of Latvian discoclub music. This LP has always confused me, there's another comp with same name, which isn't good really. Also this one has only two performers; while Eolika is pretty famous, and they have some tracks, which have been loved among cosmic balearic scene, their tracks on this LP are really poor. So it is easy to forget that other tracks are pretty strong instrumentals by unknown group - Vjačeslav Mitrohins' instrumental group. Actually he was guitarist of Modo, cool jazzrock group, he played on their good first 7".
This song "Gājēju Motīvs" is really interesting in the context of reggae-not-reggae scene. So have a listen.

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Paul Harvey said...

Such a shame that you have stopped posting (though I understand that it takes a lot of work and you get hardly any thanks except repost requests) as I am a huge fan of Soviet/Eastern Bloc disco/electronic/experimental music, but coming from England, I rely on blogs like yours for information.

Luckily, after seeing your post, I managed to find rips of the three Instrumentālais Ansamblis Vjačeslava Mitrohina tracks and they are just all incredible, they remind me of the 1985 Meteo album - this wonderful mix of disco with jazz/funk/progressive/electronic elements - it is such a shame that these seem to be the only tracks they did as I can't stop listening to them!

According to Discogs, Melodiya had a series called 'Mūzika Diskoklubos' and released three albums in total with this name - this LP in 1983 and the other two in 1987 as you mention in the post. There are a few YouTube tracks on the Discogs page for one of the 1987 albums and you are right, the few posted sound more like bland generic eighties western pop songs - though often there are one or two good tracks at least on these Soviet era disco compilations (I am guessing this series was aimed at the Latvian market, though I would have thought they would have been distributed throughout the Soviet Union - perhaps some kind Russian person can tell me if this is the case).


Above link for info on the series, though there's only 3 on Discogs, I imagine there could be other compilations released in this series - who knows!