Голубые гитары - Предорожная 1975

another guitar named group, Blue Guitars. again they try to make beatrock, but end with some weird crap. their first ep is decent cute soviet surf. i was pretty glad listening first track here, but as usual i did with one ear. yes, it has great intro, when first verse comes everything goes down, nonpleasant vocals and drums too low, chorus has funny girl vocal, but it isn't enough. but then comes very welcome guitar solo, very cool, and you forget how bad it had turned. and so on.


zencd said...

Personally I disagree about that track: I find just usual (although non groovy) vocals and pretty melody there. Unfortunately there are much more cases when funky intros are followed by really-really-stupid pop verses.

The 4th track is an interesting one, ain't? :)

martin said...

well, yes, i understand what you say. it wouldn't be here, if i'd hate it. and i rate it more than Zdrastvyj Pesnja song. when first vocals come in, they have kind of joking feel. though yes, it is pretty usual. it's more about feeling for me: at first listening it sounds like great song, which is topped with cool guitar solo, but when i start to listen carefully, i'll remember only vocals.

yes, 4th track is decent.

Anonymous said...

That´s a cool song! I like it. Thanks. I would buy the Golubye Gitary record anytime, if I ever got the chance to find a copy.

melodija said...

mulle meeldib, hea folkloori-twee