Instrumentaalansambel Raivo Tammiku juhatusel - Ratastel
Melodija 7" CM-0003913-4 1973

Jaan Kuman - Ratastel
Estraadipalu Melodija 7" 1975 C62-05515-6

mainin ära, et neljapäeval 14. oktoobril mängin õhtul von krahlis peol Estosteroon ainult ja ainult Jaan Kumani muusikat, seoses tõenäoliselt ilmuva artikliga hra Kumanist.

let's continue with Jaan Kuman music! also again I'm presenting different versions of same track from Melodiya releases. let's start with Raivo Tammik original.
it was now maybe two years ago, i was looking through melodiya records in now closed record store in Tallinn. there was pile of sleeveless singles and i still looked through them. i was awarded. i found weird estonian single, it didn't have many texts on it, it was by Raivo Tammik, who i had never heard of. well, i thought by that point i should know all about Estonian Melodiya releases, even if i don't have them. i could understand it must be instrumental, but what exactly. i took the change and took this slightly scratched record home.
i was floored, i was hearing great jazz instrumental, quite close to nordic jazz scene, which has produced very expensive records. soulful jazz, nice rhythm, great flute playing. now started research. i found Raivo Tammik was pianist, jazz musician, had quite high position in Soviet Estonian music industry, also he hated beatrock. well, i could hear he wasn't afraid of modern jazz sound. anyway, he left USSR to Germany in the middle of 1970s, which would again give some hint, why his stuff got unknown. if you left homeland to western country, you didn't exist anymore! pretty rare record that.

now go two years later and Jaan Kuman, good and upcoming star of estonian jazz music, got to release his debut single with two instrumental tracks recorded year-two earlier. two great instrumentals here, b-side has beautiful track, but his version of "Ratastel" is pretty fine, quite raw funk on rhythm side. though Kuman's trumpet playing is sublime. Kuman is pure jazz musician, he has big love for everything classic, jazz and easy listening, but don't like primitive music as 'rock'. well, i can't blame anyone for their music taste. he mentioned that "Ratastel" is most closest to rock sound of his arrangements/recordings.

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