serenaad trompetile

osta Jaan Kumani muusikat legaalselt

Valter Ojakäär "Vastu kerkivale kuule"
C60 07941-2

i have had to think so much about estonian trumpeter and ensemble leader Jaan Kuman lately, i should put some of this energy into blog too. also it will be teaser for thing me and my friend have been working on. soon there will be longer piece on Kuman, at first in Estonian, later maybe some translations too.
At first Jaan Kuman and his group was given opportunity to record 6 EPs, after that he got reputation as great arranger and trumpet player. So he got also job to do album of works by one of greatest Estonian pop and jazzmusic composers Valter Ojakäär. At first it was even supposed to be recorded by Georgi Garanjan and Melodiya ensemble (we can now only imagine how great it could have been). Though thinking of it took time and at last it was still decided to record in Tallinn by Estonian musicians. That's our luck, this album is most easier to get of all Kuman related records. There's even export version. First side of record has singers and is more pop record, though there's some soulful/funky arrangements. B-side is all instrumental jazz music, most of it is pretty upbeat and funky.
This song "Serenaad trompetile" was particularly brought out during our conversation. Composer himself had been happy with results and arranger was also satisfied. It's pretty old song, first recorded in 1955 by old first good trumpet player Abi Zeider, but Kuman was first good jazz player. Song was given new colours and it had been given new life. It really sounds so, we slight hint of funky rhythm and jangly guitar, topped with great brass playing, they tried to mimic big band, as they Estonian Radio had new recording equipment, they could use bit more tracks. Sometimes Kuman played all trompets himself. You can hear also girl singing, which by me gives really great accent to this instrumental. These are actually Collage girl singing, Kuman remembered that Ojakäär wasn't happy with result, but as they were lacking of time, they let girl choir recording be that way. Good for them!

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