1983 LP C60-18905-6

For some reason I listened to a lot of Melodiya disco records. Some of my favorite disco tracks have been posted here already, now I should post some well-known stuff too. Let's take Estonian disco classic!
Laine is quite old professional vocal ensemble, their first vinyl releases are from middle 60s. In the beginning of 70s were released two albums, 10" LP has some easy listening charm, otherwise they just sounded too professional, maybe good for estrada fans. They gave a lot of concerts, also with many popular singers, and their instrumental group had some best players.
Now let's go to 1983, when was released their another self-titled album, recorded in 1979 and 1982. Again here's quite a few typical Laine songs from weird folk songs to boring modern soul, but also three fantastic disco tracks. And this LP is loved because of these tracks and also played by brave dj's (like me on last Friday). Actually there's nothing to be ashamed, these songs are straight covers of disco classics. "Nüüd on mul muusika" is originally "I Love America" by Patrick Juvet. Other two tracks are credited to G. Malavasi (well, I guess it must be Mauro Malavasi), I haven't yet found their original. If actual LP is pressed bit poorly, then music production is quite wonderful. Songs are true to originals, but sound much softer thanks to orchestra arrangements. "Lõpulaul" has that wonderful 'middle-part' or 'breakdown' with great percussion sound, something so unbelievable for Soviet Estonian record. Another thing is lyrics. Both Malavasi written tracks have very conceptual part of record, at first they are singing about music, about their show, which is going to start just about now, how dancing connects us and last song "Lõpulaul" aka "Song of End" also has important task to finish record, that means how party is now over, but you'll remember music. Well, you can imagine how they always started and ended their concerts with same songs. "Nüüd on mul muusika" has great lyrics by our absurd poetry classic Ott Arder, another metatext about music, how they love music, disco music, which changes their lives. (Ma ei ole väga hea luuleteksti analüüsis)
It's hard not to love those songs if you're Estonian.

PS after listening all Mauro Malavasi produced tracks, I found original version of "Lõpulaul" - Peter Jacques Band "Walking On Music".


zencd said...

Great finding, Martin! I like the tracks. And it's so hard to find the collective's tracks by some cause...

Anonymous said...

The first Malvasi track is Peter Jacques Band - Fire Night Dance.
Great music, cheers from Macedonia.