Syabry - Distant Light
1986 C60 24697 008

by popular demand i'll post one modern soul nugget from my melodiya collection. here's Syabry, popular rock group from Belorussia, started releasing records from 1978. their records are full of modern production tricks, but have mostly have stayed bit boring, though i haven't heard their best lp from 1980. here's something reallly curious, it's their later less known album from 1986. i have no idea why i bought it. at home i listened to it and thought i'm idiot, but actually second track had some weird charm. really smooth song for russian machos, especially love vocals on chorus, damn, is it really that mysterious modern soul from Soviet Union. i have later shared it with some public and feedback has been positive. well, here new and old readers, Syabry.


DJ Willderness said...

I recall that the Fix album with "Tsirkus" on it had one decent modern soul track on it.

DJ Willderness said...

sip the juice


Louie Gigolo said...

see on eriti hea! ei tea, kas seda kuskilt eestist ka leiab?

martin said...

lahe, et meeldib!
ma selle ühe leidsin, aga ei ole küll hiljem näinud. 80ndate meloodia vinüüle liigub siiski rohkem meil, lootust on.