kalade ambient

üks uskumatumaid plaate minu kogus. olgem ausad, ma täpselt ei teagi, mis see on. pealkirja järgi kalade heli- ja bioelektrilised signaalid. välja kostab nagu mingi glitch elektroonika. ainult mingid piuksud. aphex twin. tundub, et kalad teevad suurepärast muusikat. proto minimal techno? täpselt ei oska öelda, mis kala seda teeb, aga kasutades legendaarset "loomade elu", tundub see olema mingi kotkaskala.

probably one of weirdest melodiya records. of course, one can say breznev and lenin speeches are weird, well, actually they are only sad history. yuri gagarin in space, well, that's just really cool record. this record is named as "sound and bioelectrical signals of fish". though it's educational record, you still can take it as music. if you listen to my sound clip, you might see some similarities with output of ambient and minimal electronic artists minds. kind of proto aphex twin, isn't it? other clips are even more primitive bleeps and clicks. i don't much about fishes, so hard to translate what you can hear, it's first side and 6th track.

update 10.07.09:
whole record is now made available by russian techno label Compromat:
Fish: Acoustic signals
Fish: Bioelectrical Signals


prygskok said...

А почему б не выложить всю пластинку?

martin said...


brainbomb said...

Fuck me this is cool - if you find spare original, contact me you know where!