Dj Willderness - Magnitizdat

nüüd unusta need halvad miksid, mis just linkisin ja kuula mu ameerika sõbra miksi.
now forget all the mediocre mixes i linked and listen great melodiya mix by my friend. that's what Will has to say:

This is my contribution to the 2009 waxidermy mixswap (record collectors make a mix and a copy for everyone participating). I call it Magnitizdat because that was the word for the industry of bootleg underground recordings in the USSR. It seemed to fit the hand made, illegitimate nature of the mix, even though the records on the mix are on the official state label, melodiya, not bootlegs. I spent a year collecting records on Melodiya on a heavy basis, all the time with this mix in mind as the final product. I ordered records from overseas, did trades with Martin, and also found a lot of these records in the USA. My interest came about because not many DJ's in the USA look for records from the USSR. It was a chance to make new discoveries. I learned others had discovered the wonders of Melodiya, but I could still bring this music to wider attention by presenting it in an exciting way. So I created a mix of some of the most exciting parts of the records I found, with the style of mixing that I like to hear.


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zencd said...

I'm just envying how that DJ is able to mix. Very interesting style and stuff. And some tracks get shine with new colors when I listen to them in an environment.